Anton Heiller (Vienna 15.9.1923 – Vienna 25.3.1979) was an Austrian organist, harpsichordist, conductor and composer. He studied music at the Hochschule für Musik in Vienna with Bruno Seidlhofer (piano, harpsichord and organ) and P. Reidinger for composition. He graduated in 1942 and was in charge of the organ class from 1945. He pursued a career as an organist, harpsichordist and conductor, enjoying an international reputation. In 1952 he won second prize in the Haarlem improvisation competition. From 1969 he was a professor at the Hochschule in Vienna and in the same year he was awarded the ‘Grosser Österreichister Staatpreis für Musik’. Many of the great organists of the time attended his master classes in Vienna and Haarlem. As a composer he produced mainly sacred music and organ music, incorporating the musical influences of Paul Hindemith, J. N. David and Frank Martin. A Gedenbuch has been dedicated to him, edited by R. G. Frieberger (Innsbruck, 1984).

Johann Sebastian Bach
1 - Toccata E Fuga In Re Minore, BWV 565

Johann Sebastian Bach
3 - Nun Komm' Der Heiden Heiland

Johann Sebastian Bach
4 - In Dir Ist Freude

Johann Sebastian Bach
5 - Fantasia E Fuga In Sol Minore, BWV 542

Johann Sebastian Bach
7 - O Mensch, Bewein' Dein Sünde Groß

Johann Sebastian Bach
8 - Preludio E Fuga In Mi Minore, BWV 548

Johann Sebastian Bach
10 - Passacaglia In Do Minore: BWV 582

Johann Sebastian Bach
11 - Improvvisazione Su Due Temi Dati


solo interpreter: Anton Heiller
style: Baroque
running time: 74:27
registration date: 1967-1968
publication: 1993
country: Italy
label music: Ermitage
catalog: ERM - 135 ADD

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