Ermitage is a well-known brand to all music and historic cinema lovers and is one of the longest running brands of independent classical discography. Established in the mid-eighties with the release of vinyl records by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, it later produced CDs of the world’s leading artists in the fields of opera, symphony and chamber music.

Alongside names such as Rubinstein, Callas, Pollini, Benedetti Michelangeli and Segovia, over the years production of the label - distributed in Europe, Japan and USA - has expanded to artists such as Lucio Dalla, Eugenio Finardi and Stefano Bollani.

In recent years, besides CD titles, the Ermitage product catalogue has extended with remarkable success to the 180-gram vinyl reissues of jazz classics (with names like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and Chet Baker), classical music (Quartetto Italiano, I Musici, etc.) and Italian songwriting (Endrigo, Gaber, Jannacci, Tenco). For almost twenty years, Ermitage has also been a point of reference for classic cinema: with the Ermitage Cinema and D-Cult brands, it has offered the market authentic cornerstones of the history of cinema, such as Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton comedies, Hitchcock thrillers, and timeless classics like Freaks.

Nowadays, Ermitage has a library of over 500 audio and video titles, as well as producing CDs and DVDs, and providing licensed video content for various television stations.

It also produces editorial series for the most important Italian newspapers, such as Il Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica, and for other publishing groups such as Mondadori, RCS, and Hobby & Work.